Sunbed & Tanning

We have now upgraded both sunbeds to:


Helps you build a longer lasting tan and boost collagen in your skin. 

Blue bulbs are high power UV tanning bulbs.

Pink bulbs are a mix of Red Light + UV together.

Hybrid tanning will give you better faster and longer lasting tan results, than traditional UV beds. Additionally, it will also help with production of collagen and elastin. As a result, you will receive plenty more benefits to your skin and well being such as:

  • Help to rejuvenate you skin
  • Reduction of wrinkles and stretch marks
  • Help with hair loss
  • Plump skin and helps it look more youthful
  • Circulation improvements
  • Heals scarring and repairs damage

Moreover Hybrid Tanning also has properties such as:

  • Help with fighting inflammation
  • Acceleration of metabolism
  • Help with stronger immune system

Price List - Sunbed

Hybrid Tanning 
70p a min
6mins £4.20
9mins £6.30
12mins £8.40
15mins £10.50
One hour Course *valid for year from purchase
Two hour Course *valid for year from purchase
Three hour Course *valid for year from purchase
Unlimited course - for UNLIMITED use of the hybrid tanning beds for 30 days (max is 15min each session)

Price List - Spray Tan


Achieve an all over even tan deep dark colour like no other  with this premium brand. Differnet shades for nartural or darker results. Last up to 10 days.