Massage & Body Treatments

Price List


Swedish massage techniques and warmed blend of aromatherapy oils to relax and recharge your body and senses.

Full Body 60 mins
Back 45 min
Back 30 min
Foot & Leg 30 min
Blissful Body   90 mins
Ultimate in relaxation massage, commencing with hot towel hand and foot cleanse followed by full body massage and tension relieving head massage.

Body Treatments

Cellulite Buster 45 mins

The  deep massage  techniques  combined with  body  brushing  and exfoliation are fantastic for breaking down stubborn areas of fat and cellulite.  Followed  by detox  masque  wrap.  Drink plenty of water and exercise  after  to  enhance  treatment.


At this precious time your body needs all the TLC possible. Gentle massage and relaxation is focused on all the areas your feeling the strain.  The massage is adapted to  your individual needs  so your comfortable at all times. Only recommended in 2nd & 3rd trimester.