BIAB and Gel Nails

BIAB - Builder in a bottle

This amazing new generation of high shine builder gels have a non- chip, long lasting formulation which promotes nail strength and health. No soak needed. Can be applied on it's own or finsihed with a Gel Bottle colour.

Price List

BIAB Over Natural Nails
BIAB Over Natural + Gel Colour
BIAB Infill
BIAB Infill + Gel colour

Recommended 2-3 week

BIAB Removal
BIAB Over Extensions
BIAB Over Extensions + Gel Colour

BIAB with tips is great for adding length to nails with minimal damage.

Add on Nail Art
15mins £5.00
30min £10.00
45min £12.00
The Gel Bottle Gel Manicure

Stronger and more durable gel polish in an array of colours.

Strengthening Rubber Base
Gel Polish Soak Off